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  • All Wave, Tide, Bliss, Beauty and Noir  variations, Rainbow Hematite, Cosmic Cavern and Aurora glaze combos  range from around $45-85 (average price is $65. Misfits are less and Top Shelf is more).


  • All Stellar, Agate, Desert and Sedona variations, Blue Lagoon, Ammolite and Spectrolite pieces are around $75-135 (average price is $95. Misfits are less and Top Shelf is more).


  • Sublime Pottery focuses exclusively on small batch, ready-to-ship artisan pottery that is  only available during our Etsy restocks, which happen every few weeks.   Due to current demand, custom orders, reserve orders and wholesale orders are not available.


  • Sublime Pottery ships worldwide.



  • On Etsy restock days, a few of the best pieces from the load are auctioned off - for 24 hours -  on Ebay.


  • You may see that - in the Facebook restock previews - some of the pottery may be titled with TOP SHELF, ODDBALL, MISFIT, TOP SHELF MISFIT.  Below is a description of the ranking system.


  • TOP SHELF pieces are unusually beautiful glazing and a particularly lovely, balanced form. These are priced 20% - 30% higher than a regular piece.


  • MISFITS are pieces that have a cosmetic flaw, such as thin glaze spots or glaze drips that needed smoothing out. These are 10-25% off.  


  • TOP SHELF MISFITS: these would have been TOP SHELF except for a single minor MISFIT quirk. No discount. No premium price.

If you are new to Sublime Pottery, below is some general information that address our most common questions.  If you have not participated in one of our fast moving restocks, the RESTOCK TIPS section  has valuable info to help you prepare.  For restock times, visit the UPDATES page.